idobi Session: Rebecca Black – “Anyway” & “Satellite”

Once upon a time, Rebecca Black came in to do a session and showed us all that she is a QUEEN! And we all bowed down to her musical greatness. Live happily ever after and press play ASAP.

idobi Session: Young & Sick – “Bitter End” & “Size of Relief”

The only “Bitter End” you’ll be having is when the song is over. Thankfully you can just hit play again. Young & Sick came in and blew us all away. Now we are nice enough to share with you! You’re welcome! Get more Young & Sick and hit them up on Instagram and YouTube.

idobi Sessions: Weathers – “Problems” & “Dirty Money”

If you haven’t heard of Weathers, it’s time to stop what you’re doing right now and turn up “Problems” and “Dirty Money”. If you have heard of Weathers, you already know that you need to stop what you’re doing and turn it up. You’re going to be dancing all the way until next spring break.

idobi Session: Drax Project – “Prefer” & “Woke Up Late”

If there is a world where Drax Project doesn’t exist, we would hate to be there. You have lived the best life you could be living until you have dived into their music. So why keep living a sort of okay life? Press play. Find them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: Jake Miller – “Wait For You” & “Palm Blvd”

There’s a solid chance you’re already listening to Jake Miller. Now you can keep your love going strong with “Wait For You” and “Palm Blvd”. It’s like your own personal concert that you can brag to all of your friends about. If you haven’t already, make sure to grab tickets to his tour here and […]

idobi Session: onlychild – “Lost”

We have been itching to share this session with you. onlychild is about to take everything by storm and we can’t wait. Turn up “Lost” to find your new favorite song. Find onlychild on social media: Twitter and Instagram

idobi Session: FRANKIE – “When I’m Ready” & “Strangers”

You would be an April Fool not to spend your day listening to FRANKIE. She’s coming in hot with “When I’m Ready” and “Strangers” and you really aren’t ready at all. Press play and let her bring the house down.

idobi Sessions: Greg Holden – “Something Beautiful” & “I’m Not Your Enemy”

Greg Holden is here to serenade you with a couple of songs that anyone can relate to. You’re going to feel like he is singing straight to you and you’ll be in love in no time. Hit play and find your new favorite songs.

idobi Session: CXLOE – “I Can’t Have Nice Things” & “Show You”

Great music makes the world go round and CXLOE has us spinning. She hits us with a beautiful sound and a whole lot of power. Hurry up and turn it all the way up.

idobi Session: Lucy Spraggan – “Fight For It” & “Home Wasn’t Built In a Day”

Home Wasn’t Built In A Day but your obsession with Lucy Spraggan can be built in seconds.  The moment she starts to sing, you melt and immediately want more. It’s kind of like your middle school crush, except she won’t break your heart at a school dance.