idobi Sessions: Greg Holden – “Something Beautiful” & “I’m Not Your Enemy”

Greg Holden is here to serenade you with a couple of songs that anyone can relate to. You’re going to feel like he is singing straight to you and you’ll be in love in no time. Hit play and find your new favorite songs.

idobi Session: CXLOE – “I Can’t Have Nice Things” & “Show You”

Great music makes the world go round and CXLOE has us spinning. She hits us with a beautiful sound and a whole lot of power. Hurry up and turn it all the way up.

idobi Session: Lucy Spraggan – “Fight For It” & “Home Wasn’t Built In a Day”

Home Wasn’t Built In A Day but your obsession with Lucy Spraggan can be built in seconds.  The moment she starts to sing, you melt and immediately want more. It’s kind of like your middle school crush, except she won’t break your heart at a school dance.

idobi Session: Charming Liars – “Soul” & “Insomnia”

Be prepared to do a double take after you press play. You’ll expect to love Charming Liars but we don’t think you’re ready for their calming sound that will be on repeat for the rest of these rainy days.

idobi Session: Cobi – “Goddess” & “Underneath”

You’ll go from having the Monday blues to feeling like a Goddess .3 seconds into listening to Cobi. We gotta warn you though… you won’t be getting anything done after you hit play, because you’ll be listening until your mom yells at you to go to bed. Find Cobi on social media here: Facebook, Twitter, […]

idobi Sessions: Lostboycrow – “27 (Sad Signs)”

When Lostboycrow swung by the studios, he played a new song called “27 (Sad Signs)” that we haven’t been able to stop thinking about since.

idobi Sessions: Broadside – “Coffee Talk” & “Paradise”

What’s better than today being Friday? Today being the day you get to listen to Broadside’s session. Make today your favorite day and press play Find them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

idobi Season: Yoke Lore – “Goodpain” & “World Wings”

Here we are… the Monday after the most boring Super Bowl in history.. in need of some real entertainment. And we are here to save the day. Yoke Lore is about to make up for the next 10 Super Bowls with their incredible sound. And it’s all yours. Hit play right now.

idobi Session: Family of The Year – “Let Her Go” & “Mexico”

You survived January! Which was somehow the longest month in history. Your reward? You get to listen to Family of the Year all day long. It will be like Christmas all over again. You don’t have to thank us. Just press play.

idobi Session: Selfish Things – “We All Die Young” & “Without You”

Stop whatever you’re doing. Homework? Hanging out with your friends? Cleaning your room? None of it matters. What matters right now? Listening to Selfish Things. Give your Tuesday what it needs and press play. Find them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.