idobi Session: Nightly – “The Movies” & “This Time Last Year”

March is going to be a great month. How do we know? Because you’re starting it off by falling in love with Nightly. Press play and start living your best life! Keep up with all things Nightly right here and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

idobi Session: Little Hurt – “Better Drugs” & “Good As It Gets”

Let’s just go ahead and get the weekend started. Tell your teachers and your bosses that you have plans because you’re about to have Little Hurt on repeat. Nothing else matters this weekend so turn it up!

idobi Session: Five North – “Same Old Story”

Things you love: mozzarella sticks taking naps to avoid responsibilities brand new music from Five North!!! We can’t help you with the first two but it shouldn’t matter because “Same Old Story” is going to blow you away. Hit play!! Follow Five North on Instagram!!!

idobi Session: Charming Liars – “Like A Drug” & “Something Dark”

Charming Liars is about to charm your SOCKS OFF with their killer music. You’ll totally forget about all of your probably and sink into the sweet, sweet, tunes. Find more Charming Liars here (including tour dates!) and follow them on Instagram!

idobi Session: RØYLS – “Choose To Believe” & “Wicked Thoughts”

We’ve have an EXTREMELY important assignment for you. Grab your mom, your best friend, your neighbor’s dog… basically EVERYONE and show them our session with RØYLS. Refusing to do this could result in your loved ones not having the best 2020 they could possibly have. Don’t be greedy. Hit play, fall in love, and then […]

idobi Session: Between You & Me – “Dakota” & “Famous”

The holidays are over. Maybe you’ve gone back to work or you’re waiting for school to start back up. The days are bleak. You don’t remember the last time you’ve showered. Well we’re here to give you a post-holiday pick me up. Between You & Me stopped by and blew us away with Dakota and […]

idobi Session: Lauren Sanderson – “Better Anyway”, “To The People I Hurt”, & “Upset”

Honestly, we’re just here to get you pumped up before the holidays. We decided that Lauren Sanderson’s incredible voice was the exact way to do that. She’s about to be the gift that keeps on giving. Her new single “To The People I Hurt” just dropped this week and you’ll fall in love instantly. Don’t […]

idobi Session: Letters to Cleo – “Want You to Want Me”, “Miss You This Christmas”, & “Here and Now”

Because we love you so much, we want to give you a Christmas present a little early. You’ve loved Letters To Cleo for YEARS and now you can catch THREE of their songs right here. We’re still not over how good this is so click play and freak out with us. To get more of […]

idobi Session: Run River North – “Wake Up” & “Casina”

It’s time to throw away your Monday blues and live like it’s Saturday! Run River North will transform your mood from “eh” to “OMG” in .03 seconds so get going and press play!

idobi Sessions: Five North – “This Mess”

Yo, when the old dudes talk about “another fine mess” they actually got it right. The lyrics may be about getting out of a mess but we’re totally into Five North. Tyler, Scott and Kyle blessed us with pop punk goodness in this session. AND it’s their debut single so sugar, they’re go up. Trust […]