idobi Sessions: Culpriit – “Driveway” & “Whole Day Off”

We are all about to be fired because we can’t get any work done. We are too busy playing this session over and over again. You are about to forget any stress in your life because culpriit is going to make you feel like you are on vacation. (Disclaimer: if you get fired, it isn’t […]

idobi Sessions: William Ryan Key – Ocean Avenue, Great Unknown, & Old Friends

William Ryan Key is the gift that keeps on giving. Back in the day, you loved him as the frontman of Yellowcard that gave us the classic “Ocean Avenue”. Now he is serenading us with songs like “Great Unknown” and “Old Friends”. It is safe to say our love for him has not only continued, […]

idobi Sessions: Twin XL – “Good”

Twin XL hasn’t been around for long but they’ve already stolen our hearts and have been playing in our heads all weekend long. This is a sound that you’re going to want to hold onto. Trust us… these guys are about to takeover your playlists. Find them on social media: Twitter and Instagram.

idobi Session: Half the Animal – “Magic” & “Too Late”

Add a little Magic to your life with Half The Animal serenading you straight through spooky season. You don’t have to go another second longer wondering what you should be listening to on your drive home or while your ignoring your responsibilities. Press play now. Find them on social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Your Favorite Color – “Your Favorite Color Is Red And Mine Is Blue” & “Heartache”

We don’t know your favorite color but we can tell you what one of your favorite bands is about to be. Your Favorite Color blows us away and we want you to be in on the all the good stuff. Press play, tell a friend, and keep playing until your mom makes you go to bed. […]

idobi Session: Blacktop Queen – “Blackout”

Blacktop Queen has us feeling like royalty with “Blackout”. We’ve been graced by their music and we can’t get enough. Don’t hesitate any longer. Press play to tune everyone else out. Find them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: Cherry Pools – “Hollywood” & “Forever Young”

Don’t sleep on one of the most uniquely incredible bands out there. Cherry Pools has the sound, the look, and all the right vibes to be your new faves. Not to mention, you can catch them on tour with Chase Atlantic. It’s time to hit play and get to listening! Find them on social media […]

idobi Season: Lostboycrow – “Since The Day I Was Born”

Lostboycrow is our current obsession. You’ll be able to feel his sound in your music loving soul the second that he opens his mouth. Be obsessed with us. Hit play. Find him on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: Stand Atlantic – “Lavender Bones”

You probably already love Stand Atlantic and we are right there with you. We are stoked to share this session with you and we don’t blame you for putting it on repeat. Their flawless sounds are exactly what we needed on this fine Thursday. Find them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: MacKenzie Bourg – “Lost and Found”

Today’s obsession: MacKenzie Bourg. You may have fallen in love with him on The Voice or American Idol but our love is growing deeper by the minute. MacKenzie is making our Monday a little more magical and we don’t want it to end. Find MacKenzie on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook