idobi Sessions: Cimo Fränkel – “When You Were Mine” & “Dance ‘Til Dawn”

You’re about to fall in love with Cimo Fränkel the second you hit play. This is the sound you’ve been waiting for and we’ve been playing his session on repeat. Now you can join in! Don’t wait a second longer. Hit play!

idobi Session: Ultra Q – “Redwood

You better call your best friend, your mom, and your mom’s best friend and tell them all to listen to Ultra Q. But first you gotta press play on “Redwood” because it’s about to blow you away. So let’s recap: listen, tell everyone, listen again.

idobi Session: Chase Atlantic – “LIKE A ROCKSTAR” & “WHAT U CALL THAT”

You’ve been waiting patiently (or not) for our session with Chase Atlantic and it’s finally here. Your mom could make your favorite dinner, your crush could confess their love to you, you could win the lottery, and this would still be the best part about your day. Get to pressing play!!!

idobi Session: The Dose – “Vervain” & “Saline”

The cool and intense sound that The Dose gives out is about to bring you to a whole new level of appreciation for music. This duo will blow you away and all you have to do is press play!

idobi Session: RØYLS – “Savages”

Let’s RØYLS save your Thursday from being like any other day! The sweet sound of “Savages” is going to make you forget about that homework assignment or your boss yelling at you. Please send all “thank you’s” to RØYLS on Twitter or Instagram.

idobi Session: Stand Atlantic – “Skinny Dipping”

We are starting our week by filling our day with things we love. First on our list, Stand Atlantic. We thought you would want in on some great music so hurry up and press play!

Rewind & Pause with Taking Back Sunday

Fish sat down with Adam Lazzara and Shaun Cooper of Taking Back Sunday to reminisce about the band’s 20 year history from their formation till this very day. Enjoy Rewind & Pause with Taking Back Sunday!

idobi Session: Rebecca Black – “Anyway” & “Satellite”

Once upon a time, Rebecca Black came in to do a session and showed us all that she is a QUEEN! And we all bowed down to her musical greatness. Live happily ever after and press play ASAP.

idobi Session: Young & Sick – “Bitter End” & “Size of Relief”

The only “Bitter End” you’ll be having is when the song is over. Thankfully you can just hit play again. Young & Sick came in and blew us all away. Now we are nice enough to share with you! You’re welcome! Get more Young & Sick and hit them up on Instagram and YouTube.

idobi Sessions: Weathers – “Problems” & “Dirty Money”

If you haven’t heard of Weathers, it’s time to stop what you’re doing right now and turn up “Problems” and “Dirty Money”. If you have heard of Weathers, you already know that you need to stop what you’re doing and turn it up. You’re going to be dancing all the way until next spring break.