idobi Sessions: The Friday Night Boys – “Stuttering”

March 21, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Don’t mind us if we start stutter-stutter-stuttering, we’re just excited about our latest idobi Session. Like, mind-blowing, nostalgia fueled, heart exploding excited. Andrew Goldstein of our 2000s pop-rock faves The Friday Night Boys dropped by the studios to play some songs just for us, and turned all of our faces into the heart eyes emoji.

When you hit play on “Stuttering” above, you can relive the days of singing along to the band at the top of your lungs anytime they came on. Will we have another FNB session here for you tomorrow? That’s What She Said.

While jamming to the stripped down classics, be sure to plan your trip to So What?! Music Fest during March 24th-26th, where the guys will be reuniting for what’s sure to be a stellar performance. Pick up your tickets here.