idobi Session: Run River North – “Wake Up” & “Casina”

It’s time to throw away your Monday blues and live like it’s Saturday! Run River North will transform your mood from “eh” to “OMG” in .03 seconds so get going and press play!

idobi Sessions: Five North – “This Mess”

Yo, when the old dudes talk about “another fine mess” they actually got it right. The lyrics may be about getting out of a mess but we’re totally into Five North. Tyler, Scott and Kyle blessed us with pop punk goodness in this session. AND it’s their debut single so sugar, they’re go up. Trust […]

idobi Session: The Rocket Summer – “Slomo” & “Peace Signs”

We love you so much, we decided to give you a little gift to make your Monday 1000x better. The Rocket Summer is going to make you go into a eternal mindset of Weekend bliss. Seriously. It’s that good. We’re going to shut up so you can get to listening. Get more of The Rocket […]

idobi Session: LTX – “Did You Forget”

There is no way you’re going forget LTX. You’re getting hit with the twice the greatness today with this slowed down version of Did You Forget AND their EDM version that was just released TODAY! Now your weekend can be filled with your new favorite band. Make sure to follow them on Instagram here and […]

idobi Session: The Faim – “HUMANS” & “Summer Is a Curse”

Are you ready to have your life changed on a Monday? Ready or not The Faim is about to shake things up! Give your Monday the best possible upgrade and hit play. If you like what you hear, the band is dropping their debut album, Humans, this Friday. Then, they’re taking over idobi Radio airwaves […]

idobi Sessions: Kyd the Band – “Easy” & “Human”

Falling in love with Kyd the Band is Easy. You’ll press play and be struck with the love bug instantly. Sooo… what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get to listening!!!

idobi Session: Gavin Haley – “Show Me” & “Jet Lag”

We’ve got a GREAT idea. Let’s forget about everything we need to do today and just listen to Gavin Haley. Believe us… once you hit play you’re going to forget about everything else anyway.

idobi Session: Spencer Sutherland – “Freaking Out” & “Sweater”

You better start Freaking Out because Spencer Sutherland is about to make your summer. You better cancel all of your plans because you’re going to be obsessing over this session for at least the rest of the week. Make sure to see him on tour! Find dates and tickets here.

idobi Session: pronoun – “run” & “temporary tantrum”

pronoun /ˈprōˌnoun/ 1) A word that replaces a noun in a sentence. 2.) YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND!! If you haven’t figured it out, you need to press play ASAP.

idobi Sessions: Cimo Fränkel – “When You Were Mine” & “Dance ‘Til Dawn”

You’re about to fall in love with Cimo Fränkel the second you hit play. This is the sound you’ve been waiting for and we’ve been playing his session on repeat. Now you can join in! Don’t wait a second longer. Hit play!