idobi Session: LOVA – “Insecurities” & “You Me and The Silence”

LOVA has stolen our hearts and we want as much music from her as we can possible get. Luckily for us, she is dropping a sick new single TOMORROW! Freak out over “Insecurities” and “You Me and The Silence” today and then lose your mind over “My Name Isn’t” tomorrow. Sounds like the perfect start […]

idobi Session: The Stolen – “Rooftop” & “Overboard”

It may be a gloomy day in Los Angeles but we are all sunshines and rainbows in the idobi office because of how much we love The Stolen. Brighten up the rest of your year by playing “Rooftop” and “Overboard” over and over again. You just gotta hit play. Find them on social media: Facebook, […]

idobi Session: Happy Fits – “Mary” & “Reasons For Dreaming”

It’s impossible to be anything but happy when you’re listening to The Happy Fits. Their talent is insane, “Mary” will have you up dancing, and “Reasons For Dreaming” will have you the most chilled out you’ve been since Christmas. What more do you need? Find them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: Tatiana DeMaria – “London Don’t Lie” & “Road To Paradise”

We hope you are sitting because Tatiana DeMaria‘s powerhouse of a voice is about to knock you over and leave your head spinning. Her sound is exactly what you need to give your day the energy it needs to go on. Press play to get the party started. Find Tatiana on social media: Facebook and […]

idobi Session: Finneas – “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” & “Luck Pusher”

Let’s Fall in Love For The Night.. or for the rest of your life. 3 seconds in you’ll be feeling that puppy love but by second 36 you will be feeling that head over heals, putting The Fault in Our Stars to shame, hours spent writing in your diary sort of love. Waiting to press […]

idobi Session: Dylan Russell – “Love Him” & “Serenity”

Our New Year resolution is to bring you more incredible music. So far, we have stuck to it because Dylan Russell is here to blow your mind. Let’s start this year off right and crank it up. Find him on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: Forever Came Calling – “Indebted” & “Kansas City”

You’re about to be Indebted to Forever Came Calling for this session because it’s about to make your day. Turn it up and play it on repeat because this will be what you’re doing from here on out

idobi Session: Houndmouth – “Modern Love” & “Darlin'”

Are you ready to be blown away? Great because you’re about to be blown all the way to the North Pole. Houndmouth is a holiday gift to us all. Press play to get great music (even if you were naughty)

idobi Session: Annalia – “Cycles”

We are stuck in a cycle of listening to Annalia and we aren’t even mad about it. We know you want in on the all the best music. Hold on tight because you’re about to fall in love. Find her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

idobi Session: A Summer High – “Here To Stay”

You’ll be Here To Stay within the first 15 seconds of listening to A Summer High. We’ve been hooked from the beginning and we can’t wait for you to join in on our love. What are you waiting for? Press play. Find them on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.