idobi Session: The Ready Set – “Life in Pink” & “Feeling Something”

We already know you love The Ready Set. Do we really need to tell you to check out this incredible session? Either way, your world is about to be rocked with these sweet, sweet, sounds. We hope you’re ready. Find their social media here: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

idobi Session: The Habits – “Calling Me Up”

Don’t screw this one up. The Habits‘ “Calling Me Up” will have you jamming out for the rest of the Summer. These guys are as smooth as can be and make creating hits look easy. Hit play and you’ll understand exactly what we are talking about. Find them on social media: Twitter

idobi Session: Goody Grace – “Pretend” & “Two Shots”

Goody Grace‘s sound will move you in that deep place in your brain that you’ve been trying to pretend you don’t have. There’s no pretending here. You’re going to to have your day made by “Pretend” and “Two Shots”. Get to listening. Find him on social media here: Twitter and Instagram.

idobi Session: Vaines – “Nobody Like You”

Vaines put into words what we would all love to sing to an ex. You can thank them later for helping you out, but for now just enjoy the awesome music. It’s as easy as pressing that play button.

idobi Session: Jenny March – “California Daze”

our love for Jenny March is about to be so real (and not just a phase). She will leave you feeling like you are right in the middle of a sunny California day.

idobi Session: Late Night Episode – “Golden Age” & “Swim”

Listening to Late Night Episode is going to make you feel like you’ve hit the Golden Age of music. These fun tunes will be your new favorites within 30 seconds of hearing them. Now press play! Find them on social media here: Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram.

idobi Session: Stephen Jerzak – “Do Rei Me” & “She Said”

Get ready to be Do Rei Me so in love with Stephen Jerzak. His lyrics are captivating and his voice will be just what your ears are asking for today. Don’t wait any longer, get to listening! Find him on social media here: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

idobi Session: Lil Aaron – “Quit” & “SOS”

Lil’ Aaron is coming to you hot with his hit song, “QUIT” and a cover of your favorite JoBros song, “S.O.S.”.

idobi Session: Evaride – “Heartless”

Evaride effortlessly achieves the level of cool and smooth that we all tried to be with our 8th grade crush.

idobi Session: Larkin Poe – “Black Betty” & “Cast ‘Em Out”

Girls rule the world and Larkin Poe is girl power at its finest.