- Tyler Szalkowski of State Champs, Marina City, onlychild, Co-host Wesam Keesh

By | March 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM

First show live in a couple weeks and gosh darn did a gosh darn good job! Wesam came to co-host, Tyler from State Champs, Marina City, and onlychild called in and you’re gunna love it all!

So basically Jordan dropped his first single as onlychild called “Lost” but sent it to me a little in advance, I told him on twitter pay up or I’ll leak it and… you’ll have to listen.

You may know Wesam Keesh from For The People on ABC but he also does a show here on idobi called Wesam’s World which airs every Thursday at 6PM ET so check it out. He was nice enough to spend 4 hours on the station today and end it by co-hosting with me! The new season of For The People kicks off next Thursday March 7th at 10PM on ABC so you’ll all be watching. Hear all about acting, his love for music, and some conspiracies!

Tyler from State Champs called in and I love him. One of the homies from the start and the Champs are heading out on the Living Proof Tour which is selling out very quickly so grab your tickets here for it! Tyler talks all about the new album, co-writing, growing up and how sick this tour is going to be. If you love State Champs as much as I do you should listen to this.

Ryan from Marina City called in to talk about their new single “Addicted” which you should check out ASAP cause I love the song. They were recording for too long and now they’re back and gunna be dropping new music FINALLY! THANK CHEEZEITZ.