- Jack from Sleeping With Sirens, Derek Buell of Cali Craft, Co-host Danny Kurily

By | July 9, 2018 at 12:00 PM

“You sounded so happy to be back live on air” – a text I got after my show and it couldn’t have been more accurate! Back after 2 weeks of pre-recorded shows and what a way to come back! Danny Kurily came in to co-host, we called Jack from Sleeping With Sirens live on air and I called Derek Buell from Cali Craft! Hear about Warped, Fourth Of July and more!

Danny has been all around the world working for some of your favorite bands and artists including All Time Low, The 1975, Demi Lovato and more. He dives into touring, taking a guitar to a head, hot dog eating contests, Positive Tuesdays and more so you’re gunna listen to the entire show.

Sleeping With Sirens is kicking off an acoustic tour with The Rocket Summer which we’ll all be going to so Jack called in to tell you all about the tour. There’s gunna be pools, there’s going to be beers and you’re all gunna be hyped on it!

Derek Buell is the head technician at Cali Craft and calls in to talk about the oil extraction process from the marijuana plant and how to make your own CBD edibles (providing it’s legal in your state/country and you are of legal age!)