- Neck Deep, Tiny Moving Parts

By | February 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Gunz does the Olympics but does anyone even care that they are going on? Especially when Snapchat is the perfect example of trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

Plus, Gunz accidentally changed the language settings on his TV to Japanese and now he can’t read the guide… or the settings to fix it. Later, he goes on a rant about pineapple / ham pizza, and finds out that the person who actually came up with Hawaiian pizza is from Canada, of all places.

Neck Deep stops by The Gunz Show to talk about what happens when they have pyro on their set, and somebody is near the fire when it goes off. Also, Messi vs Maradona vs Ronaldo – who would you pick? Finally, the insanely talented Tiny Moving Parts stops by and Gunz asks them why they are so damn good.