- Favorite Things of 2016

By | January 11, 2017 at 6:30 PM

We’re saying one last goodbye to 2016—and a year so tough is only deserving of some of Geek Girl Riot’s most intrepid warriors: facing today’s topic of twenty-sixteen is the Puissant Magnificent Snow Queen Sherin, the Indomitable Angie, Imperator Cindy Furiosa, and our very own Queen of Blades, Soma. You may have seen our Geek Girl Riot favorite things of 2016 list (if not, peep it here) featuring many more of our fabulous Rioters, but today we’re diving a little deeper into these picks and telling you more about some of the things we loved/hated/wanted to see last year. You’ll also hear some of the highlights of Geek Girl Riot’s 2016 episodes, just to remind you that last year was pretty damn awesome.

All the shows/books/etc. mentioned are listed below, and are also covered in Geek Girl Riot’s Favorite Things of 2016 list—see the full list here in all its glory (seriously, do it. We worked v hard on it.)


Reading List: