- #014: Black Sky Sunday with Torture Victim, Thorns of Acanthus, Gomorrah

By | October 17, 2016 at 9:20 AM


A throwback podcast to summer 2015, When B Lo hosted live music and interviews during  “Black Sky Sunday“, summer matinee shows at Denver’s Black Sky Brewery.

Totrure Victim is the green chile of Metal; spicy and distinctive, an appropriate reflection of their home town, Albuquerque, NM. Get a glimpse of Torture Victim’s Southwest metal outlook and influence. Ron and Matt from Denver Heavy Metal Society joined this interview to provide historical expertise.

B Lo also caught up with Joseph and Evan from Denver’s Thorns of Acanthus. They have a gothy, black metal groove, perfect as a soundtrack for brewing Black Sky beer. They still strongly believe in buying physical music;  CDs or records, despite the inconvenience  of those media.

This is Gomorrah’s first radio interview. We expect they had cooler interviews since this one. Gabe, Sam and Ben agree that thrash should be evil, with more underground, obscure metal content. These are all ways to describe B Lo’s vision of Metalix, but he is less of a G.G. Allin fan than Gomorrah.