Photos: Modern Baseball in London

Photos by Gaelle Pitrel By | March 14, 2016 at 3:52 PM

idobi photographer Gaelle Pitrel  covered the Modern Baseball show at Electric Ballroom in London.  Check  out  some photos from the tour  below!

Modern Baseballmodernbaseball_01 modernbaseball_02 modernbaseball_03 modernbaseball_04 modernbaseball_05 modernbaseball_06 modernbaseball_07 modernbaseball_08 modernbaseball_09 modernbaseball_10 modernbaseball_11

Sorority Noisesororitynoise_01 sororitynoise_02 sororitynoise_03 sororitynoise_04 sororitynoise_05 sororitynoise_06 sororitynoise_07 sororitynoise_08 sororitynoise_09

Solemn Sunsolemnsun_01 solemnsun_02 solemnsun_03 solemnsun_04 solemnsun_05 solemnsun_06