Photos: Defeater in Buffalo

Photos by Taylor Rambo By | May 6, 2015 at 2:00 PM

idobi photographer Taylor Rambo  caught Defeater  at The Studio at Waiting Room  in Buffalo  last week.  Check  out  some shots from the show below!

DefeaterDefeater-4 Defeater-7 Defeater-3 Defeater-5 Defeater-9 Defeater-8 Defeater-6 Defeater-1 Defeater-2 Defeater-10

CounterpartsCounterparts-6 Counterparts-4 Counterparts-5 Counterparts-1 Counterparts-7 Counterparts-8 Counterparts-9 Counterparts-3 Counterparts-2 Counterparts-11 Counterparts-10

CapsizeCapsize-4 Capsize-2 Capsize-5 Capsize-7 Capsize-1 Capsize-6 Capsize-3

Better OffBetter Off-1 Better Off-2 Better Off-5 Better Off-4 Better Off-6 Better Off-3 Better Off-7