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idobi’s first original series: VANDALS premieres NOW

VANDALS cast and crew

From Tommy Wooldridge, writer / director:

What do you get when you mix 2 pop punkers, 1 van and a shitload of tacos? You don’t wanna know. Trust me, from personal experience. But also… VANDALS! Our new show about 2 dudes in a band.

I first listened to idobi 5 years ago, when Gunz interviewed me on his show. I had just made a video using blink-182 lyrics as pick-up lines on random girls in public. I’m naturally awkward, so I didn’t find a date. BUT I won blink-182 tickets for life! I’ve talked with idobi for years about teaming up for a series combining music and comedy, and I’m happy to finally unveil our first project together… VANDALS.

I wanted VANDALS to be like the raunchy teen comedies my buddies and I loved growing up. My best friends and I had a band for a few years in high school. Well, we said we were a band, but actually we only had 2 songs and never played a single show. We just thought saying we were in a band would help us get girls. It didn’t. But the memories helped me write VANDALS. So, please, go grab a slice of pizza and watch:

P.S. The opening joke of the 1st episode combines 2 of my true loves: Pop punk and puns. And it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written. So go watch it. Punk.

Say hello to VANDALS the new digital/web/youtube series from idobi.
Every Tuesday on idobi.com at 1pm.

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