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Weezer's Next Album Dubbed 'Maladroit' By Fan

The follow-up to Weezer’s second self-titled album, dubbed the ” Green Album,” will be titled Maladroit, and it’s currently in the mixing stage of production. The title was suggested by a member of the Weezer message boards on the band’s website. “Lethe,” as the fan is known, will be credited on the album for his artistic input.

Weezer tracked about 30 new songs for the release, which the band will narrow down to a number in the teens. The record is expected in the spring and will contain “Take Control,” “Dope Nose,” and “Keep Fishin’.” Others up for consideration include “Your Room,” “How Long?,” “American Gigolo,” “Sandwiches Time,” “Saturday Night,” “Porcupine,” “December,” “Slave,” “Possibilities,” and “Listen Up.” Demo versions of the tracks were available earlier this month on the band’s website as downloadable MP3 files.