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Weezer Cancels European Tour, To Play U.S. Dates Through December

Last month’s terrorist attacks have played a hand in thwarting yet another tour, this time claiming Weezer’s planned 16-date European trek that was to begin in Copenhagen on October 9.

However, a post on the group’s official website (weezer.com) suggests that other, unnamed factors played as substantial a role in the decision. “While the recent tragic events have indeed played a part in the fate of this tour by making world travel and airfreight more expensive, difficult, and (as many have warned) more risky, it is not those events that have led to this decision,” the note says. “A whole bunch of factors have come into play in the last week or so, rapidly making the tour more and more unfeasible for the time being.”

As a result, Weezer has “reluctantly agreed to wait ’til next year to do the Europe tour.”

The move, described on the site as “very surprising and upsetting,” has opened the door for more U.S. dates through the rest of the year. A tour will commence in November and include shows postponed in the California cities of San Diego and San Jose, as well as other destinations not on the itinerary for Weezer’s Midget Tour earlier this year.

Meanwhile, in October the group will dust off its alter-ego, the all-cover-band Goat Punishment, for “anywhere from 5-10 shows” that will feature “all-new songs.”

Weezer’s self-titled third album, featuring the singles “Hash Pipe” and “Island In The Sun,” arrived in stores in May.