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Water Music Records Signs 2 Album Deal With Moodswings

L.A. based independent record label Water Music Records has just signed a 2 album deal with former Arista/BMG artist Moodswings. The first album “Horizontal” from the group will be released in March through Universal Music & Video Distribution.

It is a double album complete with remixes and brand new songs featuring Julie Cruise on vocals. Cruise has 4 albums on Warner Bros. and was the voice for David Lynch’s movie and soundtrack “Blue Velvet.”

Englishman James Hood is the headliner of Moodswings who’s first album “Moodfood” sold more than 300,000 albums in the U.S. with more than a half-million worldwide. The artist recently left BMG (London) and came to the Electronica – Chill Out label Water Music Records in December of 2001 to creatively work on and release two albums which are part of Moodswings’ new concept project. “Horizontal” is the laid-back ambient album to be released in March of 2002 while the next album “Vertical” which has more uptempo sounds and is more like the first 2 Moodswings albums will come out in the Fall of 2002.