The ‘Veronica Mars’ S4 Trailer Has Landed

S4 hits Hulu on July 26 By | June 14, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Veronica Mars is BACK, people! This is not a drill! Be cool, soda pop—you’ve got a new trailer to investigate. Hulu is bringing you season 4, which follows our beloved P.I. as she returns to Neptune for spring break. It’s all fun and gamestil one of you gets my foot up your ass some spring breakers start winding up dead and there’s a bloody trail of murder that needs unraveling. And who better to solve the case than Veronica freakin’ Mars (AKA the always fabulous Kristen Bell)?

Ooh, it’s almost like no time has passed—we’re so damn ready to dive back into the mystery. So why are you sitting over there, chillin’ like a villain? Here’s what you do: Hit play on the trailer right this second! Veronica Mars season 4 will hit Hulu in its entirety on Friday, July 26. Y’all better be ready.