University Refuses to Cancel 50 Cent Show

By | April 14, 2003 at 12:00 AM

City manager Jane Howington asked Miami University to cancel an April 23 concert by rapper 50 Cent because of public safety concerns, but the school says the show will go on.

The concert is sold out, and a ticket only could be obtained with a Miami University student identification, university spokeswoman Holly Wissing said Friday.

“We’re not expecting any problems,” Wissing said.

Campus police and officials say no tickets will be sold at the door, alcohol won’t be allowed and there will be adequate security.

Howington is concerned that violence could occur if fans come from other cities and find that no tickets are available.

In an April 2 letter to Miami President James Garland, Howington said she sees the potential for a “public safety nightmare.”

“This event is putting the entire community at risk, an action that I most vehemently oppose,” Howington wrote. “If any problems occur, Miami will be accountable in answering to the community, the student body and their parents.”

50 Cent will perform in Millett Hall, the university’s basketball arena, about 30 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

Lt. Andrew Powers of the Miami campus police said he’s talked with security personnel and police at locations where 50 Cent has performed in the past month and found little evidence that audiences are prone to violence.