Trapt Gets 'Headstrong'

By | April 21, 2003 at 12:00 AM

“Headstrong,” Trapt’s first single from its self-titled debut, continues to move up the Alternative and Active Rock Radio & Records chart. The song moves up one spot to Number Four on the Alternative chart, and the song reached Number Two last week on the Active Rock chart.

Guitarist Simon Ormandy said the song started off to be a proverbial “middle finger” to the law, but it evolved into a tune about the band sticking to its guns in the music industry. “We were a little younger,” Ormandy said. “Myself as well as [vocalist/guitarist] Chris [Brown] were having some troubles with the law, so to speak. And it was just kind of like the man is holding you down. It’s kinda like a fight song. It’s just a way to vent.”

Ormandy added that the song took on new meaning when the band signed with Warner Bros. The band had to stick to their guns musically, and had to “stand up to producers and people we were working with and labels that we were talking to trying to bend you one way or another.”