Tom Delonge releases new demo “Circle-Jerk-Pit”

By | April 7, 2015 at 3:14 PM


Tom Delonge has released another track, “Circle-Jerk-Pit”, from his upcoming album To The Stars. The album drops April 20th and features Blink-182 demos and solo work from Delonge. Pre-orders are available via Delonge’s website. “Circle-Jerk-Pit” feels like a potential Blink song, but you can listen for yourself below!

Since his disputed departure from Blink-182 in January of this year, Delonge has been hard at work on other projects. He will be releasing four new albums this year; two with Angels and Airwaves and two more solo endeavors. Three of the records will be released with novels. Check out the track listing for To The Stars below.

1. “New World”
2. “An Endless Summer”
3. “Suburban Kings”
4. “The Invisible Parade”
5. “Circle-Jerk-Pit”
6. “Landscapes”
7. “Animals”
“8. Golden Showers in the Golden State”