The Grip Weeds, Giant On The Beach – CD Review

By | November 2, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Giant On The Beach (Rainbow Quartz/Fusion III)

The Grip Weeds are yet another band whose music spans several eras. While Giant On The Beach is wrapped in layers of ‘60s fuzzed out guitar and backward tape loops, the band are also heavily rooted in the psych pop revival of the ‘80s, recalling such bands as The Rain Parade and The Playn Jayn. There’s a real nod towards the power pop jangle of ‘90s groups like The Smithereens or The Rave-Ups, but best of all, The Grip Weeds have taken all these elements and crafted some really catchy songs, including “I Believe,” “Infinite Soul” and “Waiting For A Sign.” While their last album, The Sound Is In You, was an enjoyable listen, Giant is even better, with just a tad more aggression amping up their already fine pop songwriting.