The Donnas Admit Theft of Christmas Food

By | December 24, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Washington – The Donnas admit they once stole something from a Christmas food drive collection, but it really was in the spirit of the season – and probably saved someone from certain illness.

“It was like this stuff called Fluff, which is the same as marshmallow creme, which is in the jar,” bassist Maya Ford told AP Radio in a recent interview. “It’s really old-fashioned.”

“But this one was from, like, the ’60s,” added guitarist Allison Robertson.

Best known for their hit “Take It Off,” the alt-rockers said the taking occurred during a Christmas charity concert at which they performed.

“If someone would’ve eaten it, they would’ve gotten food poisoning,” Ford said.

Robertson said she was surprised the item was among the collection.

“You know, like people clear out their pantries and just grab whatever they’re not using,” she said. “Someone must’ve actually grabbed something they haven’t seen in 30 years.”