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The Cranberries & MCA Records Recall New 'Analyse' Video In The Wake Of USA Tragedy

“Analyse,” the premier video from the Cranberries’ new MCA album, “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee,” has been temporarily pulled from video channels around the world as well as from the band’s web-site in the wake of last week’s tragic events in the United States.

The video, which was directed by Australian Keir McFarland, was filmed in London’s Canary Wharf district this past August. The video features scenes of the band’s singer, Dolores O’Riordan, performing the song on the top of a building. In the distance behind her are two skyscrapers with a plane flying over the scene. Additional scenes show a plane flying over cityscapes and buildings, and a featured character walking by the outline of a dead body. The scenes were deemed too similar to the events taking place last week.

The concept of the video was the brainchild of director Keir McFarland. It is an alien nation story following a man who appears in the video as a shadow, and chronicles his shock at the corporate build up of the environment.

The Cranberries Fergal Lawler posted a message from the band to fans on their web-site saying, “The incidents in New York, Washington and elsewhere in the USA were the most horrific, saddening images I have ever seen. I’ve felt sick and numb since then. I would like to offer our sincerest sympathy to anyone who was affected.”

“Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” will be released on schedule by MCA Records on October 3 in Japan, October 15 internationally, October 22 in The United Kingdom, and October 23 in The United States and Canada. The album was produced by Stephen Street, the producer of the band’s first two albums.