Sum 41 Claim They're Not Dumb, Talk Paris Hilton

By | December 23, 2003 at 12:00 AM

With 2K3 coming to a close, ChartAttack have started a campaign to ask a bunch of smart-ass questions to rockers for the end of the year.

What was the dumbest thing that happened to you this year?

Steve-O: We didn’t sell as many records as last year. Nah, just kidding. This band doesn’t do dumb things; believe it or not this band doesn’t do anything stupid.

What was the wickedest thing that happened to you this year?

Steve-O: Nothing. Did we do the Spider Man soundtrack video this year? If so, that’s another dumb one. Cause when you surround yourself with yes-men…

Did you hear a record this year that was good it made you sick?

Cone: Mars Volta

Nominate someone for doofus of the year:

Steve-O: Michael Jackson is an obvious one: innocent until proven guilty my friend. Not Paris Hilton, have you seen the video?

Cone: No, but I want to.

Steve-O: There’s a million, I fucking hate everybody. This year there’s so many, like anybody could say Bush. Like, he’s the ultimate doofus, he’s the doofus of the century, like it’s an early century but I just don’t think anyone’s gonna top him.

Got a crush on anyone you’d like to mention?

Steve-O: Sarah Johnston. It’s this girl I kinda knew in the eight grade and she had huge… yeah, she’s always sort of in the back of my mind.

Cone: I kinda like Sarah Johnston, too. She was the only one in eight grade who had hooters.

Steve-O: One was big though and the second one was stuffed with a sock. I wasn’t in it for that.

Say something nice about someone:

Steve-O: Cone smells very nice today. OK, Michael Jackson is the king of philanthropy. He gives so much to children and asks for nothing back. Innocent until proven guilty, my friend. Who cares that he has a secret bedroom with a little laser that detects if people are coming towards it. Innocent until proven guilty. I’m not just gonna go out and bash the guy, just when everything was going up for him. He’s starting to look good and all the plastic surgery is really coming together.