Success Of Online Artist Proves That It's How You Play The Game

By | August 3, 2001 at 12:00 AM

From Stations ( to Channels ( to an online Music Licensing Program(, artists around the world are finding innovative ways to utilize the variety of promotional tools found on, Inc.’s web site ( In some instances, the use of these tools is resulting in commercial contracts.

Manuel “Vanethian” Marino (, a one-man band from Rome, Italy, is using many of’s programs and tools and, as a result, is garnering commercial contracts to produce music. To hear some of his hi-fi tracks and to see examples of how artists are promoting themselves online, visit A more complete look at the Vanethian album collection is at

The Music Licensing Program (, one of the tools Vanethian uses, is an innovative way for producers, directors, ad agencies and any type of music supervisor to search for, listen to and license music. Vanethian says his participation in the program helped him secure a contract for the TV series “Echoes of the Past” on the Sci-Fi Channel. Additionally, Vanethian is expected to create the music for an upcoming electronic novel and for a multi-user shared hallucination (MUSH) game.

“Success has arrived, thanks to and to their great tools,” Vanethian said. “ let me be known to fans around the world and made it simple to be contacted by game developers and music supervisors. Studios have contacted me to work on several projects. I believe my success is a result of being an artist on”

“It’s great to see artists taking control of their destinies,” said Michael Bayer, director of’s Music Licensing Program. “Vanethian is taking advantage of the many great programs that allow artists to actively promote their music. We look forward to seeing his music on big and small screens.”

Channels (, another offering from, allow fans virtually unlimited access to large collections of music, often for less than the cost of one CD. See and hear the Vanethian Channel at

The Stations feature, one of the most popular programs on, allow users to “make their own” radio web sites. To find a radio Station with a particular genre of music, check out the Stations Directory and Featured Stations at Music fans can create multiple Stations with custom “picks” from’s catalog of more than 1 million songs ( For example, a compilation of some of the most popular techno music similar to Vanethian’s can be heard by visiting and “Best Film Music”(