Snapcase End Transmission For Good

By | December 16, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Innovative and influential post-hardcore outfit Snapcase have announced that, after more than 10 years of pushing the hardcore envelope, they’ve decided to call it quits. Band guitarist Frank Vicario has come out with this statement as to why the band are throwing in the towel after so many years:

“It’s no mystery that the popularity of the band has been waning over the past few years and it’s tough to keep flogging a dead horse when our hearts are in other places,” Vicario stated. “Many people had already pigeonholed what they perceived our sound to be and were reluctant to give us a chance. You know how it is? We sure do.” So much for biting the bullet, eh?

“We reached an impasse where our core fanbase had been dwindling due to disenfranchisement with our newer material,” the guitarist continued.

For those who do still enjoy Snapcase’s unique blend of post-hardcore and emo, the band will be playing a farewell show in their hometown of Buffalo at the end of January with screamo outfit Every Time I Die.

If you’re looking for more indulgent material from the Snapcase boys, Vicario, drummer Ben Lythberg and bass player Dustin Perry are now focussing on a new band they’ve named Ourselves. They are currently looking for a singer and have a few demos up at

The band’s final show will be going down at The Sphere in Buffalo, NY, on January 22.