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Slipknot, System To Tour

Just a day after canceling a promotional tour and pushing back the release date of their second album, Slipknot have committed to a fall tour with System of a Down. The first annual Pledge of Allegiance Tour will launch on October 1st at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, and will run six weeks.

In addition to the two main acts, the tour will include a second stage featuring new artists and non-music entertainment.

Slipknot’s second album has been pushed back from a June release to July 17th, as the group needed additional time to complete the final mixes.

As for System, they and producer Rick Rubin are in the process of cutting down the thirty-plus songs they have recorded for their next album to a more manageable twelve to fourteen. “It has the erratic time changes,” System bassist Shavo Odadjian says of the album. “It’s still quirky. It has that heavy bounce that’s gonna make the crowd jump up and down. But the melody has grown.”

Specifics on the tour, including dates and venues, will be announced in the near future.