Sharon Osbourne to Watch Her Language

By | July 15, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Sharon Osbourne says she’ll be watching her language on her new talk show.

Osbourne and her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, are known for their salty remarks on their MTV reality show, “The Osbournes.”

“People come into my home (on MTV) and that’s the way I choose to live my life,” she told the Television Critics Association Sunday. “Now I’m coming into their homes.”

“It just wouldn’t be a cool thing,” she said, to use profanity on the syndicated talk show set to premiere in the fall.

Osbourne, who has managed her husband’s career, said she’s looking forward to exploring her “passions,” which include teenagers, women’s rights and celebrities, on her new show.

She was asked if her 17-year-old son Jack, who had entered a rehabilitation clinic for drug and alcohol abuse, could be a guest on the show.

“Absolutely,” she replied, if she were doing a show on addiction and he could illuminate the subject.