You’ll Never Be Happy Without SAINTE’s New Track “With or Without Me”

By | March 2, 2017 at 6:02 PM

Your week looks like it could use a little brightening…and SAINTE’s new video has enough technicolor to keep you on cloud rainbow 9 for days. The new track “With or Without Me” is an upbeat and completely badass anthem for those moments when you look in the mirror, take that on point selfie first try, and realize how much better you’re doing without your ex. Movin’ on never felt so good.

This is the second track we’ve been #blessed with by SAINTE—“Technicolor” marked the band’s debut back in October—and it’s safe to say, we cannot WAIT for more. Check out “With or Without Me” below, and don’t even try and stop yourself from hitting repeat (it’s scientifically impossible).