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SACRIFEST announced featuring The Banner, Shai Hulud, Vanna + more


idobi Howl is proud to be sponsoring the first annual SACRIFEST taking place October 19th-20th at Catch 22 in Allentown, PA. The festival, put on by INSRGNT[arts],  will showcase established and up and coming acts in metal and hardcore. Bands playing include The Banner, Shai Hulud, Vanna, Alpha & Omega, Betrayal, and more. Tickets can be bought here and more info can be found on their Facebook page. Check out the lineup below!

DAY 1  
Saturday, October 19th:  

  • The Banner(NJ)
  • Shai Hulud (FL)
  • Swamps(MA)
  • Octaves (MD)
  • Steel Nation (PA)
  • Old Wounds (NJ)
  • Outer Heaven (PA)
  • Ghost X Ship (NY)
  • Rat Trap (MA)
  • Back and Forth (NJ)
  • Sicker Than Most (NJ)
  • 96 (NJ)
  • Life Without (PA)
  • Cavities (PA)
  • Day In Day Out (NJ)
  • Manners (CT)
  • Manbeast (PA)
  • Lost World (PA)
  • Stranglehold (CT)

DAY 2  
Sunday October 20th:  

  • Vanna (MA)
  • Alpha & Omega (CA)
  • Betrayal (CA)
  • Rock Bottom (PA)
  • The Greenery (CA)
  • Lorna Shore (NJ)
  • Break Away (VA)
  • Spirit Animal (VA)
  • Death Grip (PA)
  • Weighed In The Balance (NJ)
  • Sunning (NY)
  • Single Me Out (PA)
  • High Water (PA)
  • From Dead To Worse (PA)
  • Restless Streets (NY)
  • Benchpress (PA)
  • Castors Hollow (PA)
  • Absit (NJ)
  • As Cities Fall (PA)