Rise Rock n’ Shine: Your Smith + Hey Gigantic

By | September 6, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Forget chirping birds.

Wake up to new tunes on Rise Rock n’ Shine…

Photo: Gemma Warren

Who: Your Smith sounds a little out of this world and that’s because she’s in her own, making tunes we can’t resist.

What: You’ll pick up a “Bad Habit” of hitting repeat on her newest song.

Why: “Bad Habit” might have a slow, light beat but that doesn’t mean you can’t bop along to it.

FFO: idobi Anthm

“I won’t lie, it’s been a long ass road to get me to this email and a tooon of self-discovery. ‘Bad Habit’ was a bit of a mental breakthrough for me. It was the end of my writer’s block and it was the first song I wrote as Your Smith. I had exhausted myself trying to fit into the fabric of the LA pop writer scene. This song was my white flag; the surrender to myself and my sound. I expected no one to get it. Turns out a lot of people did and needed it as badly as I needed it. The rest of the songs on the EP came pouring out of me as a result so, in honor of the song and it’s freedom and peace it brought me, I named the entire project after it, and now deliver it onto you.” – Your Smith

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Who: Hey Gigantic is sending us epic tunes from across the pond.

What: Remember 2000s rock? Hey Gigantic does too on their new track “Fools”.

Why: The band is channeling major Incubus vibes on their latest alt rock jam and we are here for it.

FFO: idobi Radio

It’s the last song we wrote before heading to the studio last summer. We knew it was going to be a dark and moody track to fit with its honest and introspective lyrical themes that I had and it came together really quickly! Which is always a nice surprise… It’s about trying your best to see the positives in society and the world around us when all we’re being fed is the negatives. Sometimes it’s a real fight to retain that feeling of youthful optimism and patience with people as we grow older but it’s essential we do and always keep an open and positive mind.” – Jonathan Bateman, vocalist/bassist of Hey Gigantic

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