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Radio Stations To Observe Moment Of Silence

Stations to end tragic week marred by the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center with moment of silence, airing of “Taps.”

At noon Eastern time Friday, September 14th, all Clear Channel Washington, Baltimore, Frederick, and Winchester radio stations will join all Infinity, Bonneville, Radio One, and Disney stations with a special tribute to those who died in terrorist attacks in Washington, D.C. and New York. This will commence with a moment of silence followed on most stations by the military bugle salute to the fallen, “Taps” a song that captures the emotions this tragedy. This moment will honor the dead and wounded and allow for a moment of prayer and thoughtfulness as we move forward from this stunning week in American history.

In addition, stations will be encouraging listeners to dress in Red, White, and Blue on Friday and to drive with their headlights on to signify the bond between us all.

Clear Channel, in a printed statement issued today said, “As communities throughout the country and the world look to our great city for leadership, the Washington radio community shall continue to unite, inform and comfort its listeners not only during this tragic time but also as we move forward to rebuild our lives and our city.”