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idobi Howl Premiere: Quartered – “She Sees Colour”

Eyes and Ears out October 7th By | September 25, 2014 at 9:00 AM

We’re happy to bring you an exclusive stream of Quartered’s brand new song “She Sees Colour” from the band’s upcoming release Eyes and Ears. Take a listen below!

Hailing from Vancouver, prog metal band Quartered has shared the stage with Lamb of God, Testament, and more while touring worldwide and releasing 2 full-length records. The next chapter in the band’s discography, Eyes and Ears, will be released October 7th – you can check out pre-orders in the band’s webstore.

Heavily influenced by “memories and how senses play a big part in connecting and helping us remember parts of our lives,” the title Eyes and Ears was chosen because “you can’t un-see the things you’ve witnessed and hearing is such a powerful way to trigger memories,” explains vocalist Greggor Williams.

quartered-eyes-and-ears-2014If you’re liking the sound of “She Sees Colour,” you’ll be happy to hear that the band’s first single from the EP, “Violent Love” is being offered as a free single on PureGrainAudio.

If you you’re like us and can’t get enough, check out the band on Facebook and Twitter, then grab some tracks on iTunes!