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Prince Sues Website For Copyright Infringement

Prince has sued FreeMyHeart.com following that site’s decision to post songs from the singer’s Xenophobia live concert performances this summer. Paisley Park Enterprises is suing the Me’Shell Ndegeocello fansite $150,000 for each song posted online, notes the Miami Herald.

FreeMyHeart.com site operator Matthew Lankford told the paper, “For him (Prince) to seek $150,000 per song to try to ruin me for doing nothing more than promoting him is overdoing it.”

Prince’s suit, filed in federal court on Wednesday (September 25), claims Lankford posted the exact time and place of the songs’ recordings, which constitutes a clear violation of copyright-infringement laws. The website’s decision to put the material up comes just weeks after Prince announced the future release of a Xenophobia boxed set.