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Premiere: Dear You – Castles

“Castles”, the latest single from Texas natives Dear You, isn’t just a new song – it’s the mark of a new beginning for the band. After the (completely amicable) departure of bassist Mason McDonald, the remaining members came to a crossroads: should they press on or cut their losses and call it a day? And while the decision wasn’t an easy one, there was ultimately only one way to go – to not go anywhere. Vocalist Chris Roach elaborated in a statement:

“We came to the point where we weren’t sure if Dear You could even continue without such an important member; whether we could cope with such a significant loss of our dynamic. We can’t lie and say things weren’t a little dark after we all had the talk about him leaving. There was a very serious discussion that was almost the end of this band. We ultimately just could not let that happen. We care too much about you guys, the people that validate EVERYTHING we do with our music, and what we live life for. We owe you all more than you could ever know, and we are pushing harder than ever before to show it.”

“Castles” is about the band’s decision to move forward and start the next chapter of their story –  and you’ll be glad they did. Listen to the song below!

The band’s upcoming EP is slated for an October release.