Premiere: Check Out One For The Braves New Video for “Dirt Nap”

By | September 18, 2017 at 9:00 PM

Our latest premiere is One For The Braves… or by One For The Braves, at least. In the latest display of stellar Poughkeepsie pop punk, the band has just made an appearance on our very own Eddie Jason & Chris Show, and now, they’re bringing an exclusive premiere to

For the song “Dirt Nap”, the five piece group is dropping the video for the song below. By balancing nostalgia and modern pop punk, One For The Braves is crafting a unique song anyone could enjoy. Check it out below!

“‘Dirt Nap’ is about moving forward regardless of what the world thinks of you. No matter what you do there are always going to be people who hate you. It’s fine, you can’t win the world over. You have to let all that negativity flow in one ear and right out the other. In the video we used signs and people’s interpretations of the signs to convey some of that negativity. Running is a great way to relax and deal with anxiety and to keep yourself moving forward, which is why in the video I’m running on a track, acknowledging the negativity but still moving forward, accepting that these things exist but not letting them hold me back.” – Adam Rebillard (Lead Vocals)