P.O.D.'s Forthcoming Record Self-Titled

By | May 23, 2003 at 12:00 AM

P.O.D.’s upcoming album will be self-titled, and as previously reported, it will come out on November 4. Singer Sonny Sandoval said, “‘Payable On Death’ is a fresh new start, a going back to roots, a reconnecting with our people.” The name P.O.D. is an acronym for “Payable On Death.”

The band is working once again with producer Howard Benson, and he gave an update on the album so far. “There’s a certain quiet confidence in this band right now,? Benson said. ?They really know who they are. It’s a magical moment… The whole team here can feel it. This record is going to touch their listeners souls like only great career artists can do.”

Meanwhile, the soundtrack album to the movie The Matrix: Reloaded has moved up to Number Five on the Billboard 200, due to the success of the album’s lead track, P.O.D.’s song “Sleeping Awake.”