PHOTOS: We Are The In Crowd/Set It Off/William Beckett

By Nicole Thomas By | March 4, 2014 at 12:30 PM

idobi Photographer Nicole Thomas set out to The Reunion Tour  to shoot We Are The In Crowd, Set It Off, and William Beckett at The Garage in Burnsville, MN. Check out the photos below!

We Are The In Crowd

we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-01 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-02 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-03 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-04 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-05 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-06 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-07 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-08 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-09 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-10 we-are-the-in-crowd-02-03-2014-11

Set It Off

set-it-off-03-02-2014-01 set-it-off-03-02-2014-02 set-it-off-03-02-2014-03 set-it-off-03-02-2014-04 set-it-off-03-02-2014-05 set-it-off-03-02-2014-06set-it-off-03-02-2014-07 set-it-off-03-02-2014-08

William Beckett

william-beckett-03-02-2014-01 william-beckett-03-02-2014-02 william-beckett-03-02-2014-03 william-beckett-03-02-2014-04 william-beckett-03-02-2014-05 william-beckett-03-02-2014-06


Due to unforeseen circumstances, State Champs and Candy Hearts sets were missed, but be sure to get there early to see them play!