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Pearl Jam Founder Says He Wanted Cornell As Singer

Pearl Jam founder Stone Gossard says he originally wanted Chris Cornell as singer for the band.

In an exclusive interview with radioundercover.com Stone said “for the first six months I didn’t think he was that good either! How about that? It just goes to show that sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone! I think he might be quite good! My blinders were on. I wanted Chris Cornell!”

Stone will be working his debut solo album and a new Brad CD before Pearl Jam regroup for recording next year. “Pearl Jam’s going to get together after the first of the year and we’re gonna figure out what we’re gonna do” says Stone. “We haven’t really made any decisions yet. Brad has already recorded a record and we’re just looking for a deal right now so we’re doing some showcases this month and we’re getting ready to put some more records out”.

Stone Gossard will release his debut solo album ‘Bayleaf’ from his website on August 20 and the CD will go in store later this year.