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OneSideZero – Is This Room Getting Smaller – Review, Interview

“Is This Room Getting Smaller” is the debut album for LA based OneSideZero. Emerging from the jaded LA music scene, the band is a cross between aggressive emo and harmonically layered rock. Maybe that’s what it takes to stand out in the “we’ve seen it all, I’m too cool to be here” LA club circuit.

OneSideZero is angst-rock at is best; a balance of sentimental lyrics and vocal emoting that doesn’t sound like they’re whining. It’s refreshing and original. Think Tool, but harder, faster. The entire production is flawless with near-perfect instruments, mixing, and vocals.

Pick up the album when it comes out November 13th.

Tune in to idobi Radio for an interview with lead singer, Jasan Radford, at 2pm EST (October 15).

Maverick Records, Produced by Jim Wirt.