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Neck Deep to re-release ‘Rain In July’ and ‘A History of Bad Decisions’


Neck Deep have announced they are re-releasing their debut and sophomore EPs, Rain In July and A History Of Bad Decisions, on  June 17th via Hopeless Records. This is the first time both EPs are available on CD, and they have been remixed and remastered by original producer Sebastian Barlow  for a better sound. Read a statement from vocalist Ben Barlow:

“This is more than just a reissue, this is the definitive release of songs that form an important part of our band’s history and of who we still are today. We hope that a lot of our newer fans who have come to the fold out off the back of our album ‘Wishful Thinking’  will enjoy the chance to check these songs out now that we’ve had a chance to improve how they sound!”

You can pre-order different bundles here, and  check out the artwork and tracklisting below!


Track Listing:

  1. Kick It
  2. Silver Lining
  3. What Did You Expect?
  4. Over and Over
  5. A Part Of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside)
  6. I Couldn’t Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago
  7. All Hype, No Heart
  8. Up In Smoke
  9. Tables Turned
  10. Head To The Ground