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MTV Visits Southern Towns For New Show

MTV, known for “The Real World” series, is ready to turn its cameras on small town, U.S.A.

Producers of a new reality series, tentatively titled “Sex in the Itty Bitty City,” will hold auditions in Columbus, Miss., on Jan. 7; Hope, Ark., on Jan. 9; and Opelousas on Jan. 11.

The documentary-style show will feature women 18 to 30 years old who are looking for a husband. It is scheduled to air in late April.

“We want young women who are outgoing, women with lots of personality with nothing to hide,” producer Craig D’Entrone said this week. “We want women who don’t mind telling their whole story, and don’t mind having it videotaped.”

D’Entrone said the show will have the feel of HBO’s “Sex and the City” but “with real life and in a small town.”