Manson Settles Sex Suit

By | February 20, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Once again, the problem of Marilyn Manson rubbing his thong-clad genitalia against unwitting concert security guards has been settled.

The shock rocker reached a settlement with Detroit security guard Joshua Keasler, who sued Manson for sexual assault and emotional distress after Manson allegedly thrust his nether regions against Keasler’s visage during a July 2001 performance.

Given that Manson was clad only in a skimpy thong and pantyhose at the time, Keasler’s discomfit was understandable.

The two camps apparently agreed upon an appropriate settlement last month and the lawsuit was dismissed Jan. 28.

Terms of the settlement remain confidential.

Keasler’s civil lawsuit wasn’t the only repercussion of Manson’s lewd behavior.

Prosecutors originally charged the rocker, whose real name is Brian Warner, with sexual conduct and assault and battery. A judge threw out the sex charge, and Manson pleaded no contest to the remainder of the criminal charges, ponying up $4,000 in fines.

The entire incident smacks of familiarity. In October 2000, Mason allegedly rubbed his genitalia in a similar fashion against a Minnesota security guard, who sued the rocker for more than $75,000.

A Minnesota jury ruled in Manson’s favor last September, clearing the singer’s actions in the name of his art.