Mandy Moore Won't Pose for Men's Magazines

By | January 8, 2004 at 12:00 AM

Mandy Moore will pose on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, but don’t look for anything much racier than that. Moore says when she was 15 years old she was asked to pose for men’s magazines like FHM or Maxim. She says she doubts they knew she was 15 at the time, but now that she’s legal, she figures they know she’s not interested in that kind of stuff.

Her decision means readers of the racy magazines will never get to see her tattoo, not that it’s in anyplace scandalous. Moore says her friend Kelly Osbourne got a heart on her pinkie and she thought it was cute, so she got it on the second toe of her right foot. She says it’s something she can cover up if she has to and it’s a heart because she’s a loving person. Moore says the tattoo is her first, and probably the last. When asked if she would get a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name, tennis star Andy Roddick, Moore said no.

“No, no names. I think that’s the worst decision ever when getting a tattoo,” Moore told AP Radio.

Moore’s new movie, “Chasing Liberty,” opens tomorrow.