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Lit Has Big Rock Show Dreams

With its current club tour limiting the stage show that it can present, Lit can only fantasize about the full-blown production it would like to bring to its fans in support of its upcoming album, Atomic, due October 16 from Dirty Martini/RCA.

Guitarist Jeremy Popoff tells LAUNCH that there’s no shortage of concepts possible for their big rock show. “We have ideas for days, like ramps and things,” he says. “You know, at some point we want to buy the Bon Jovi swing that he went over the audience with, and the elevator that he comes up out of the ground [on], we want all that, man. We want to pop up through the floor, we want to fly through the ceiling.”

Such ideas likely won’t be able to be implemented until Lit embarks on a full-scale world tour, slated to begin the second week of February. The quartet performs Wednesday (October 3) at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, California.