Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Released From Hospital

By | June 9, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was released from a Los Angeles hospital Monday (June 9), according to a spokesperson for the band’s label.

Bennington had checked into the facility on May 30 complaining of intense chest and stomach pains. Doctors determined that either a parasite or an intestinal disorder was likely responsible for the ailment.

Over the weekend, co-vocalist Mike Shinoda told Los Angeles’ KROQ-FM that Bennington would probably need surgery once the exact cause of his illness was pinpointed. As of press time, the band’s label didn’t know whether Bennington was cured or would need further treatment.

During his 11 days at the hospital, Bennington had multiple tests including an MRI, but doctors had trouble diagnosing his symptoms, since they stemmed from his lower abdomen.

“They can put cameras to check your stomach,” Shinoda said. “They can check your lower areas, but that lower abdomen is a place where they can’t really send anything in there, so they have to just do these scans and tests.”

Parasites are usually microscopic organisms that spread through poorly cooked food containing the organism, poor hygiene or contact with animals, according to An intestinal disorder can be any number of illnesses that range from temporary to chronic.

Touring and video plans in Europe were canceled between June 7 and 23, but Bennington is expected to be ready to go when the Summer Sanitarium Tour launches on July 4 in Pontiac, Michigan, his label said.