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Limp Bizkit's Durst Moving To London?

Fred Durst is currently in the midst of packing up once again, but this time he plans on leaving the country. The U.K. publication NME is reporting that the Limp Bizkit singer may soon to be a resident of London. The frontman told the paper he’s sick of the perception Americans have of him.

“I want to move to England and I have already started looking,” said the controversial vocalist. “I am sick of the attitude towards me in America. I am always getting judged and there is no loyalty. Everyone is so great in Europe, and I am trying to find a house just outside London.”

To move, Durst must pack up his stuff, including his large collection of toys. Former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland revealed about Durst’s house and his favorite collectibles.

“Fred is a big Japanese robot collector. Like, his house is ridiculous. It’s just, like, so many of the Japanese robot models of the Gundam and Shogun Warriors and all that kind of stuff that it’s…you’re just like, ‘Oh my God!’ It looks like those glass cases that you walk into a comic book store, and they have all the models of…He’s just got toys and stuff everywhere,” he said.

Limp Bizkit is getting ready to tour the country in search of its next guitarist, but dates haven’t been released at press time. In the meantime, Bizkit fans can pick up New Old Songs, an album of the band’s songs remixed by some such notables as Timbaland, P. Diddy, and the Neptunes. New Old Songs arrives in stores December 4.