Lillix, "Falling Uphill" – Review

By | May 14, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Talented kids living in the middle of nowhere Canada get bored, learn some instruments and write some songs.

Throw in several accomplished producers (Linda Perry, Phillip Stier and The Matrix) overseeing some of the latest in North American pop, and thus is born Lillix – a quartet of teenage and young twentysomethings who sing about angst and life with eternal girl-powered optimism.

“Falling Uphill” is a solid but not groundbreaking debut, and one that will please the teen set – even those looking for some edgier bubblegum.

A blend of tight harmonies (the track “Quicksand” is a great example) and adolescent ruminations, several of the tracks show bursts of creativity and sparkle. The band members – Kim Urhahn, Louise Burns and sisters Lacey-Lee and Tasha-Ray Evin – harmonize well together and are capable musicians.

Clearly, the work done in the studio is a how-to on mixing good singers with excellent producers, evidenced by “It’s About Time,” which flurries with laid-back, swarming melodies a la Avril Lavigne. No surprise, since it was produced by The Matrix, who helped Lavigne surge.

Whether the band can hold its own, however, depends on how well it matures and, more importantly, how it can define itself. Clearly, “Falling Uphill,” is a challenge to do both.