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Korn Singer "Damned"

Korn’s Jonathan Davis has co-written the score for the film adaptation of Anne Rice’s Queen of the Damned, due out February 22nd. Collaborating with Oingo Boingo keyboardist Richard Gibbs, Davis composed the score for a ninety-two-piece orchestra and penned five songs for the soundtrack.

Among them is one particularly poignant track: a tune with lyrics by Rashad Haughton, brother of the late singer-actress Aaliyah, who portrays the film’s title character.

Davis also provides the vampire Lestat’s singing voice. “I’m not the happiest guy in the world,” he says. “So it was really easy to play this character. I’m down with the dark side.”

The film’s release coincides with the completion of a new Korn album, produced by Michael Beinhorn. That disc is due out before summer.