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Kid Rock To Entertain Troops This Weekend

Kid Rock and his band, Twisted Brown Trucker, head to Frankfurt, Germany, this weekend for a USO show for U.S. armed services on Saturday (December 8) that’s being sponsored by MTV. Uncle Kracker, Twisted Brown Trucker’s DJ and a solo artist in his own right, said that the group looks forward to entertaining the troops, who are involved in America’s war against terrorism.

“I think it’s good for the troops, I guess, man, give ’em something to look at-give ’em something to do. I mean, I’ve been to Germany, and if they’ve been in Germany for any length of time, then they’re ready to see something cool from home, or maybe they’re ready to come home, so we’ll bring a little bit of America with us,” he said.

Rock and company will be performing songs from his new album, Cocky, which will sit at Number 15 on the album chart in the next issue of Billboard.