Kelly Osbourne Eats Fish With Elton John, Vomits

By | August 22, 2003 at 12:00 AM

Eating in France with Elton John made Kelly Osbourne violently sick to her stomach – but it wasn’t Elton’s fault.

Kelly suffered food poisoning from a dinner she had with the pop legend on August 11 and was forced to cancel a handful of scheduled concerts in England and return home, she wrote in her column for England’s Heat magazine. She is still recovering from the illness.

Sharon, Kelly and Jack Osbourne had been invited by Elton to stay at his place in the South of France.

“We had dinner and we had shellfish,” Kelly wrote. “I spent the next two days with the sh-s and throwing up everywhere. I’m never eating another piece of f–ing fish again.”

In the column, Kelly added that she has recorded a duet with her dad, Ozzy, and she will not give up singing even though she was dropped by her label.